Musa Al-Taamari Joining Fiorentina for $20 Million… Unverified News

Akeed - Aya Al Khawaldeh

Several media outlets published news reports stating that Jordanian football player, Musa Al-Taamari, will soon be joining the Italian football club, Fiorentina ACF, with a deal that is worth $20 million. Platforms for sports professionals have also added that “the news of Al-Taamari’s moving to the Italian club has been confirmed.”

Media outlets relied on what sports journalists have published on their social media accounts, while others provided anonymous references using the phrase "sources close to the player". However, the news remains both unconfirmed and unofficial as the player still plays for the Cypriot APOEL football club.

The Jordan Media Credibility Monitor “Akeed” contacted Al-Taamari who initially expressed his desire to cooperate but later didn’t give a statement. APOEL’s management also did not respond to Akeed’s inquiries which were sent to their official email address.

Various websites published the news using the caption: “Al-Taamari gets close to Fiorentina with $20 million.” Adding that the Italian club intends to buy Al-Taamari during the next transfer season for the amount of $20 million.

Sports journalist, Othman AlQraini, wrote on his personal Facebook page: “It is now confirmed that Al-Taamari is moving to Fiorentina ACF for $20 million, making him the most expensive Jordanian football player in history."

Media outlets have also adopted a report by Sky Sport about the Italian club, Cagliari Calcio, being interested in snatching Al-Taamari in January 2019 – something that the Italian press established by quoting the Italian journalist, Gianluca Di Marzio.

Italian newspapers compared Al-Taamari to Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, praising his ability to strike goals as well as his speed and dribbling skills. Reports also referred to Italian clubs being interested to sign Al-Taamari in, once APOEL approves. However, neither the amount requested by APOEL nor a confirmation of the timeframe was mentioned.

Last summer, Al-Taamari left the Jordanian Shabab Al-Ordon Club to join APOEL with a $1.5 million deal and a three-year contract. Part of the deal states that Shabab Al-Ordon Club will be receiving 10% of any upcoming transfers – something which the President of the Jordanian club, Salim Khair, confirmed to “Akeed”.

Khair explained that "the Club has not been informed of any deals regarding the transfer of Al-Taamari to a new club, and that there is no direct contact with the player because the Jordanian Club does not interfere in the negotiations but gets its share once the deal is signed."

A professional sports journalist, who prefers not to disclose his identity, told Akeed that "There is an interest from Italian clubs to include Al-Taamari in their transfer deals during the season which starts early next year.” “The $20 million amount is what APOEL has determined as the player’s value. However, it is not the price of any deal that is currently being negotiated," he stressed.