Mistakes in TV Coverage of “Aladdin” Movie


Several TV reports included false information about the filming location and shooting schedule of “Aladdin” movie - an adaptation of Disney’s animated classic “Aladdin” - which was partly filmed in Jordan. A TV report claimed the movie was shot in Petra and Wadi Rum. The movie, however, was actually shot in Wadi Rum and Al-Disah area. Another report said the movie was being filmed at the moment. The truth is, the film was ready for screening in movie theaters, explained Communication and Cultural manager at the Royal Film Commission (RFC) Nada Doumani. 

Several websites and media outlets shared the inaccurate news without verifying the content and without checking the facts through the RFC. It is worth noting that the RFC hosted the press conference where details about the movie were unveiled. It also organized the premier screening of the movie in the Middle East, which took place in Amman on Tuesday, May 14th.

Dumani told Jordan’s Media Credibility Monitor “Akeed” that the RFC issued a press statement for the media which included correct and accurate information about the movie.

Various verification sources related to the movie industry can be checked for accuracy, advises Akeed. These include, in addition to the Royal Film Commission for local movies, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), which provides comprehensive information about films and production conglomerates such as “Disney” - in Aladdin’s case.