Reporting on “Weather Forecast”: Inaccuracy and Conflicting Information

Akeed – Tamara Ma’abreh

Local news outlets gave conflicting weather reports for Wednesday and the next few days. Some websites predicted fair weather conditions until Saturday, while others said it will be hot. Akeed verified the contradictory reports, and proved they were inaccurate.

The headlines also gave contradictory messages, noted Akeed: Hot Weather Today and Tomorrow, Fair Weather until Saturday, and A Drop in Temperatures on Wednesday.

It is worth noting that the relevant meteorological authorities regularly publish weather forecasts throughout the week that cover all parts of the Kingdom, explained Akeed. However, the “unstable weather conditions” that prevail during this time of the year seem to confuse the media.

Director General of the Meteorological Department Eng. Hussein Al-Momani explained to Akeed that Journalists take the weather forecast from the source, then produce their own content based on that. This results in conflicting weather reports, he told Akeed in an interview.

As for the weather on Thursday, the official said that there will be a slight drop in temperatures and that it will be relatively hot across most areas of Jordan. It will be hot though in the Jordan Valley and the Gulf of Aqaba. North westerly winds are also expected. Fair weather conditions are expected at night across most parts, Momani noted.

On Friday and Saturday, early fall temperatures are forecast in hilly areas, but it will remain relatively hot in the Jordan Valley and Aqaba, he noted.

Akeed, Jordan’s media monitoring portal, urges media outlets to stay away from writing content related to weather forecasts. It also advises against publishing interesting news reports at the expense of accuracy and veracity.