Rumors Hit Five-Month High in November

Akeed – Aya Khawldeh   

The number of rumors continued to exhibit an upward trend, reaching 54 rumors in November, Akeed’s monthly statistical report showed.

This compares with 50 rumors in October, 48 rumors in September, 42 in August and 43 in July. In June and May, the number of rumors stood at 36 and 35 respectively.

The report also noted a rise in the number of rumors circulated by media outlets over the last three months; 19 rumors in November against 12 in October and 8 in September of total rumors in the three months.

Rumors surrounding social issues accounted for the biggest share of rumors in November, claiming 21 of the total, mainly fueled by increased speculation about agricultural products, drugs, health, and weather – among other issues.

 Rumor Sources 

Akeed’s quantitative and qualitative analysis examined rumors circulated across news sites, social as well mainstream media. It found that the vast majority of rumors (48 representing 88.9% of the total) came from local sources. Only six rumors, representing 11.1%, came from outside Jordan.

 Dissemination Medium

November figures unveiled that 35 rumors, representing 64.9% of the total, came from social networking forums, including 33 rumors that originated from local social platforms. Two rumors were detected in Israeli social networks and pages run by Jordanian expatriates, Akeed noted.

A total of 19 rumors spread through mainstream media during the month in question, 16 of which initially appeared in local media outlets and three posted by Hebrew and Arab media outlets.



Rumor Topics

Unsubstantiated reports around social issues accounted for nearly 40% of total rumors in November - totaling 21 rumors. Rumors revolving around political issues came in second place, accounting for 27.8% of the total, or 15 rumors. Rumors around the economy ranked third with a share of 22.2% or 12 rumors, and rumors about security issues landed in last place, with six rumors representing around 11%.


From “Social Networks” to Media Outlets

Six rumors, representing around 11% of total rumors in November, spread from social networking platforms to news sites - slightly higher than the previous month when five rumors found their way to news sites.

Key rumors that spread from social media to mainstream media:

Key Issues and Rumors

Rumors around Economic Issues:

Political Rumors:


Social Rumors:

Security Rumors: