Republishing an Old Flight Attendants' Video - a Breach of Law

Akeed – A widely-circulated video clip of flight attendants who work for a Jordanian airline is two years old, Jordan’s Media Monitor, Akeed, unveiled.

Republishing the clip, which has recently spread extensively on “WhatsApp” and “Facebook”, constitutes an ethical and professional breach, stated Akeed, which traced the origin of the video.

The relevant airline has issued a press release in which it explained that the footage was old. The two stewardesses shown in the video in uniform were dismissed in 2018, added the statement.

“The company, meanwhile, took the necessary legal measures with the prosecutor general against the two former employees,” read the statement. It added that it also took measures against everyone who contributed to the publishing and republishing of the video with the intention of harming Royal Jordanian and its staff in any form.

Akeed urges media outlets and social media users to take into consideration the following tips before reposting such footage or news:

  • Staying away from posting any material that might hold you liable.
  • Avoid publishing, republishing, or circulation of non-ethical material and unworthy news.
  • Paying attention to the fact that reposting such news and clips may be actually harmful to the national economy and the companies which provide services to citizens.