Rumors Rise to 50 in October

Akeed – Aya Khawaldeh

The number of rumors rose to 50 in October, remarkably higher than the average for the last three months which stood at 44 rumors, Akeed’s monthly report showed. The number of rumors in September stood at 48, rising from 42 rumors in August and 43 in July. The July-September figures are also considered high compared to the 36 rumors detected in June and 35 rumors in May.

Additionally, the number of rumors in October 2019 was nearly double what it was in October 2018. Of the 26 rumors circulated during October 2018, 38% revolved around the deadly “Dead Sea School Trip”.

Media outlets circulated 12 rumors (24% of the total) in October this year against 8 rumors in September, 18 in August and 12 rumors in July.

Over half of the rumors in October revolved around political issues, totaling 28 rumors. A similar finding was reported in September when political rumors made up half of the 48 rumors circulated during that month. The spike is chiefly attributed to speculation about ministers, ministries, government institutions, and government policies.

Rumor Sources 

Akeed’s quantitative and qualitative analysis examined rumors circulated across news websites social, as well mainstream media. It emerged that the vast majority of rumors (48 representing 96% of the total) came from local sources. Only two rumors, representing 4%, came from outside Jordan.

Dissemination Medium

October figures reveal that 38 rumors, representing 76% of the total, came from social networking sites - all of which originated from local social platforms. No rumors were detected in Arab social networks or posted in pages run by Jordanian expatriates, Akeed noted.

Twelve rumors spread through mainstream media during the month in question, ten of which initially appeared in local media outlets and two spread through Hebrew and foreign media outlets.

Rumor Topics

Unsubstantiated reports around political issues accounted for more than half of the rumors in October - totaling 28 rumors. Social and economic issues had an equal share of rumors, each claiming 20% of the total. Rumors about security issues landed in last place, with only four rumors representing 4%.

From “Social Networks” to Media Outlets

Five rumors, or 10%, spread from social networking platforms to news websites in October which is close to the September figures when six rumors representing 12.5% found their way to news websites.


Key rumors that spread from social media to mainstream media:

Key Issues and Rumors:

Rumors around Economic Issues:

Political Rumors

Social Rumors:

Security Rumors

  • Two rumors that spread on social media which showed a video clip purportedly of two children who were killed and their organs stolen in east of Amman. Security sources denied the story, saying no such crime was reported in Jordan.